An Introduction to Psycholinguistics (Learning about Language) 2nd Edition

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کد محصول: 25010|نویسنده: Danny Steinberg, Natalia Sciarini|نوع کتاب: Teaching|ناشر: Routledge|شابک: 9780582505759|تعداد صفحات: 328

کتاب An Introduction to Psycholinguistics تالیف Danny Steinberg, Natalia Sciarini

An Introduction to Psycholinguistics examines the psychology of language as it relates to learning, mind and brain as well as to aspects of society and culture. How do we learn to speak and to understand speech? Is language unique to humans? Does language influence culture

Using non-technical language, and providing concrete examples, the authors explore

How children learn to speak and read their native language

Deaf language education

Case studies of wild children and animals and what we can learn from these

Second language acquisition, second language teaching methods, and the problems associated with bilingualism

Language and the brain

The relationship between thought and language

In this new edition the authors propose a radical new theory of grammar ¿ natural grammar ¿ which unlike other theories can account for both speech comprehension and speech production

Also taking into account the extensive growth in theory, research and practice, this new edition is an accessible and focused introduction to the key issues and the latest research in the field of psycholinguistics

Danny D. Steinberg is Professor Emeritus of Surugadai University and has previously taught at University of Hawaii and Rikkyo University. He is author of a number of books on semantic theory and psycholinguistics including,Semantics: An Interdisciplinary Reader in Philosophy, Linguistics and Psychology (with L. Jakobovits; 1971) and Psycholinguistics: Language, Mind and World (with H Nagata and D. Aline; 2nd edition, 2000)

Natalia V. Sciarini is an independent researcher, writer and translator, and works at the Research Services and Collections Department at Yale University. She was previously a lecturer of Introductory Linguistics and the Theory and Practice of Translation at Ulyanovsk State University

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An Introduction to Psycholinguistics (Learning about Language) 2nd Edition

157,500تومان225,000تومان (-30%)

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